IMPORTS J21 . performs its imports classified according to content and value, under the Import Laws established in Chile.

It is important to note that any purchase with a value greater than US $ 100 (at the official exchange rate), is subject to payment of import taxes.


What are the restrictions when buying a product?

  1. The import service is handled as a consolidated cargo, which allows the nationalization process to be carried out expeditiously. Therefore, the value of the products is limited to the amount of $ 2,000 dollars; However, if you wish to import a product with a value greater than this amount, please contact the consolidated high value center that provides services, who will gladly offer you a solution or alternative according to your needs.
  2. Everything you buy must be sent to our operation center in Miami. Ask your supplier to send the purchase invoice along with the product. Once there, it will be imported directly to Peru as long as it is not subject to restrictions. Otherwise, the product will be retained and a representative of your restricted center will contact you and indicate the requirements to continue with the process if possible or to be returned to the provider.
  3. Because it is an import, they are subject to restrictions established for international shipments by IATA. Hence, it is VERY IMPORTANT to observe the lists of prohibited or dangerous items at all times.

Items prohibited for import

Below you will find a list of some of the products whose importation is prohibited to Chile if you have any questions contact your center restrictions.

  1. Gold jewelry, high value items: (art objects, precious stones), money.
  2. Food of any kind, alcoholic beverages, food supplements, vitamins, medicines, natural preparations, which are ingested by humans.
  3. Live or dead animals, untreated skins, natural plants.
  4. Firearms or their components, knives, knives, ammunition.
  5. Counterfeit material "piracy".
  6. Pornographic material
  7. Compressed gases, flamed articles, spray paint, tear gas, hair spray or deodorants under the same presentation.
  8. Flaméal products, toxic, corrosive, oxidants, matches.
  9. Instrumentation for doctors, glass.